Employment, Labour & Industrial Disputes

Our Team Provides You with Following Services:

  • Drafting and vetting of documents services and also representing our clients before the Courts/Tribunal
  • Contracts Involving Contract labour
  • Drafting of employee/employer policies
  • Contracts regarding Employment
  • Issuing Notices and Reply Notices to Employees/ Trade Unions, etc.
  • Handling and advising on compensation claims
  • Issues relating to Retrenchment/Strike/Lockout or any ID issues
  • Issues during mergers, acquisitions and business takeovers
  • Proper and Effective conducting of Departmental enquiries
  • Justifying with apt Legal opinion orders of suspension/ dismissal of erring employees.
  • Liasioning with Commissioners of Labour/ Inspector of factories and other higher authorities
  • Laisoning with the police issues involving any company
  • Representation before Labour Courts, Labour Commissioner, Industrial Tribunals, Central Administrative Tribunals, etc.
  • Handle Writ petitions relating to labour and service-related matters.