Testamentary, Intestate and Trusts

OUR Team advises the clients on the laws governing testamentary and intestate issues, assists clients in drafting Wills and codicils, files Probate Petition on behalf of its client and wherever called for contesting application for grant of Probate.

We have gathered particular expertise in taking procedural steps relating to grant of Probate and Letters of Succession, registration of Wills and related matters.

Unfortunately, after death, probate issues can arise that create tension or even nasty disputes among the heirs. We’ve seen estate proceedings tear families apart over arguments and bad feelings. We have a practice of taking every possible step to avoid litigation in these sensitive matters as our duty, being officers of the court. We take every possible effort to help mitigate these situations and preserve family harmony.

Our Team provides assistance in drafting trust deeds. We advise clients in matters of managing the affairs of Trust and conduct of all matters of legal implication.

We render the following service:

  • Drafting Wills and codicils
  • File Probate Petition on behalf of its client
  • Contesting application for grant of Probat